Thursday, November 27, 2008

nak maju , sedia dikritik

Now i am in Kuala Terengganu, having course P&P under the prog pusat pembelajaran sains especially for school in FELDA.

the motive is to upgrade the teacher skills in teaching the students who were got only C and D to be in sc stream class....can you hard the sc stream subjects to be understood by this kind of students...but, i really confident if we know how to catch their attention, they also can go through it....

During the course,the teachers who presented will be commented by the other teachers and also the moderator...

For the first time....i was very2 scared because i really very difiicult to accept comments...

But, our moderator, En zul from pahang always gave us support....if we ready to be minded..we can go far to upgrade ourselves....

So...teachers!! if there is a chance to present...go up!!..and please do like to go to any course especially for the new teachers.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

smk chiku 2, gua musang


now i am in warden house,SMK CHIKU 2, GUA MUSANG. my dear hubby borrowed me his 3G for a while so that i am not bored at new place..

SMK CHIKU 2...not as my thought....the school is big....staff room is fully air cond..(uwa....better than STAR Klang)....the distance here from house is about 90,i will go back to my husband once a week...

my feeling being here for the first time was...what i can told here..i cried along the way to come hubby was driving. so he did not notice me as i myself just want to release my feeling.
because i was posting alone friends to discuss our assignment 4 weeks to be here...i told brave!!..

then i sms my parent separately..told my feeling..

what my father said : sabar! look forward.

my mother : xperlu sedih, seharusnya kena berbangga kerana dah dapat jd guru, ada peluang lain kali, kita mohon tukar. teruskan berdoa.

luckily..that time was still my hubby did not notice me...(malu ar) be continued

Saturday, November 1, 2008

belajar menjahit

...long time ago..i intend to join sewing class...coz i felt not confident because i am not kind of

but now, alhamdulillah... today is my first day i join the class.....i got full support from my dear hubby, mother in law and my friend, Nadzifah(she now success to sew her own baju kurung) i will posting to school afetr this..i think if we have knowledge, it will give us benefit if not now, maybe in future.....right??

more than that...i fell that as a teacher..maybe we have a lot of times to do other job..not as our main job....just side job... all friends,i encourage u to also learn sewing....who are in KB....let join me to the sewing class...!!